Letteren Vooruit strives for sustainable progress at the Faculty of Arts. Take a look at how we want to represent every student.

In short

Our accomplishments

The space

to study in the study rooms of the Harmony building, also on the weekends of the exam periods.

The improvement

of student guidance by increasing the availability and number of study advisors.

The stricter control

on study funds through a more transparent and stricter evaluation in the Faculty Council.

Our goals


of education must be maintained and enhanced in a rapidly digitizing study environment.


of students must be ensured by highlighting its relevance on the agenda of the Faculty Board.

Student participation

must be empowered by increasing transparent communication between students and the Faculty.

Kandidaatsfractie Letteren Vooruit 2020-2021


#1 Jessica Garley

Minorities & Multilingualism

#2 Midas Bosman

European Languages & Cultures

#3 Tessa Klimp

International Relations & International Organization

#4 Milou Pieterse

English Language & Culture

#5 Leon van der Deure

American Studies

#6 Asmita Ray

International Relations & International Organization

#7 Wes Woestenborghs

International Relations & International Organization

#8 Nikki van Dijk


#9 Iris Bakhtiari

International Relations & International Organization

Education and Research

The most important part of studying is high quality education. That is how your degree gets value. Letteren Vooruit strives for qualitative and innovative education for all students. Therefore, we would like to implement more flexible seminar attendance. In addition, we advocate for a greater emphasis on course evaluations, to improve the quality and inclusivity of education. Read more in our election programme →

Letteren Vooruit strives for qualitative and innovative education for all students.

Facilities and ICT

With the prospect of the Harmony Building being renovated in the forthcoming years, Letteren Vooruit strives for an energy-neutral Faculty Building where the well-being for students is optimized. With this spearhead in mind, Letteren Vooruit will advocate for enhancements concerning facilities within lecture halls in, low-stimulus rooms for students with a disability and collaboration and consultation spaces in order to realize an inclusive Faculty. Read more in our election programme →

Letteren Vooruit envisions an energy-neutral Faculty building where the optimal study environment is realised.

Innovation in Education

The digitalisation of our education plays a pivotal role in our school careers and, as a result, our online educational facilities necessitate continuous support and attention. Letteren Vooruit seeks to aid the Faculty in providing such support, cooperating with Faculty committees where appropriate, as we recognise the indispensable nature of digitalisation both within and outside the classroom. Read more in our election programme →

Letteren Vooruit supports the progressive innovation and student-friendly implementation of digitization in our Faculty.

Financial Future

The current financial situation at the Faculty of Arts is okay, and Letteren Vooruit has put work into improving the financial situation over the past years. However, the future of the Faculty remains uncertain. In the upcoming year, Letteren Vooruit will urge for clarity from the Faculty Board about important current issues playing on the financial level (i.e. the Van Rijn Committee and the COVID-19 crisis). Next to that, we will actively gather students’ opinions regarding financial matters at the Faculty. Lastly, to see what we can do about the uncertain financial future of our Faculty, we will increase our corporation with other organisations. Read more in our election programme →

Letteren Vooruit will ask the Faculty Board for clear and effective solutions concerning current financial issues.


Internationalisation can lead to new insights and perspectives, which can increase the quality of education. Nonetheless, we see that the rapid internationalisation of the Faculty has led to some problems including; overcrowded classrooms, students staying in tents and sometimes lower quality of education. Internationalisation needs a careful evaluation in order to provide both international students as well as Dutch students with the best education possible. Read more in our election programme →

Letteren Vooruit believes internationalisations must be implemented with care to provide new insights and perspectives.

Student Wellbeing

Over the past years, Letteren Vooruit has been dedicated to putting student well-being higher on the agenda for the Faculty board. The points we wish to achieve in the coming year in the Faculty Board involve information concerning mental health, student psychologists, the organisation of student stress management training and the importance of the Faculty taking responsibility in providing students with the information they need. Read more in our election programme →

Letteren Vooruit perceives mental health as crucial and advocates for more consideration around it in the Faculty council.


We believe that the Faculty needs to listen to the student’s opinions. This means that the Faculty Council needs to be representative, transparent, and communicative to its students. Letteren Vooruit wants to battle for the opinion and ideas of every student in the Faculty. We want to increase communication between the students and the Faculty, and we want to decrease the distance between board members, teachers, and students. Read more in our election programme →

Letteren Vooruit is there for a representative, communicative and transparent Faculty council towards the students.

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